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Scroll down and check out our list of tips, scripts, and resources to help you convert more leads!

Lead Conversion Tips & Scripts

1) Call the person within 30 seconds of receiving this notification.

2) If they do not answer, call them again immediately. Studies have shown that a "double-tap" calls help increase conversion rates.

3) If they still do not answer, send them a very short text message to confirm their identity. This invokes curiosity and helps provoke a response.

EXAMPLE: "Hi is this John?"

4) If they do not respond, try calling and texting again later. If they say "No, wrong #", simply move along. Even though we use special software to prevent bad contact information, some people still manage to submit fake or inaccurate contact info.

5) If they respond "Yes", be sure to introduce yourself. Let them know you are following up on their request for mortgage pre-approval and ask them if they need an estimate or if they just have questions.

EXAMPLE: "Great, thanks for confirming! This is Thomas with New Capital Finance. I received your inquiry online regarding mortgage pre-approval. Are you looking for an estimate on what you could get approved for? Or do you just have general questions about buying a home?"

6) If they do not respond after a few minutes, send another message with more value.

EXAMPLE: "Please let me know how I can help. I offer some great programs with little to no money down. And we can get started without hurting your credit score."

7) Continue to follow up as needed. Your ultimate goal should be to schedule a phone call, a zoom meeting, or get them into your office for an in-person appointment. Build rapport any way you can and try to warm them up.

8) If the person provided their current mailing address, consider sending them a Thank You card with your contact information and a flyer with some of your loan programs. Be persistent, provide value, and stay top-of-mind.

NOTE: If you have a CRM with automated follow up campaigns, let us know and we can attempt to send the leads into your system via Zapier webhooks.


Additional Information

1) This person searched Google for keywords such as "how much house can I afford on $75k salary" or "how to buy a house making $60k a year".

2) They clicked on your ad, went to your landing page, and filled out a Long Form Survey

Tips & Scripts


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